National Blood Bike Groups

We were one of the founding member groups of the original Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes, also referred to as NABB.  There have since been several NABB charity registrations which have for some reason since been withdrawn or closed and we are not members of the 'new' NABB that was registered in 2016.  NABB are not a regulator (Blood bikes services are currently an unregulated service) so membership is not a requirement to operate.  NABB are supposed to provide a supportive umbrella to assist groups to develop and achieve their suggested standards in order to be a 'member'.  NABB however do not themselves provide a blood bike service, they don't operate any blood bikes and are simply an association of chosen groups who do their best to promote their standards.  Donations to NABB do not benefit the blood bikes nationally and this is an unfortunate misconception.  If you wish to support a blood bike group we recommend you send your donation directly to the blood bike group concerned.  They are not to be confused or considered as the 'national' association as they exclude a lot of groups for whatever reason, and as much as we have supported them, they have decided not to support us and have since asked us to 'not renew our membership'.  Our operations and standards have grown far beyond the realms of NABB and we operate to a nationally recognised, audited and regulated standard that is far beyond the auspices of NABB.  That being said, we recognise their existence and in most cases still support some of their objectives.

As well as 'NABB' groups there are also some new and long serving independent organisations who operate entirely to their own standards.  These groups can sometimes be a little harder to find and make contact with so we are happy to provide a link to the ones we know of here.  Links to all of these organisations is provided as a resource only.  Some of the details provided are sent to us by the organisations concerned.  It is worth pointing out that some groups offer a very high standard of service and even meet all of the professional standards required to be a member of NABB, but for whatever reason have decided they would prefer to remain as they are, independent in their own right.  Each name is a link through to the individual websites:

Cornwall Blood Bikes

Freewheelers EVS (Somerset, Gloucester, Wiltshire)

YFW Blood Bikes (Yeovil, South Somerset, Dorset)

SERV Wessex (Hampshire, Wiltshire, East Dorset)

NICU Support Blood Bikes - Donor Breast Milk

Blood bike groups covering outside of the South West region

Blood Bikes Cumbria

Blood bikes manchester

Blood Bikes Scotland

Blood Bikes Wales

Bloodrun evs (cleveland & yorkshire)

Derbyshire Blood Bikes

Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes


Essex Blood Runners

Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes

Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service

Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes 

Midland Freewheelers

NERV Scotland (North East Rider Volunteers)

Norfolk Blood Bikes

Northern Ireland Blood Bikes (New)

Northumbria Blood Bikes

North West Blood Bikes (Lancs and Lakes)

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes

SERV Herts & Beds


SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

SERV Surrey and South London


Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire Blood Bikes

Warwickshire & Solihull Blood Bikes

White Knights

Severn Freewheelers EVS (Hereford, Worcester, Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire)

Ireland (Eire)

Blood Bike East

Blood bike mid west

blood bikes south

Blood bike west

Blood Bike Leinster