The Team

Devon Freewheelers is a registered charity founded in 2009 by Daniel Roe-Lavery.  Its current legal structure is described as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registered No: 1180264.  Up until 2017/2018 financial year Devon Freewheelers was previously registered as a Charity by Association under registration number 1138889.  As a matter of course and progression the Charity had developed to such a point where it employed a small team who concentrated on securing financial stability for the charity for a period of two years. In mid 2020, through hard work and determination Daniel and his management team had secured the future of the Devon Blood Bike Charity for years to come, and in July of 2020, Devon Freewheelers was able to return to a 100% voluntary status and no longer needed to employ staff. In addition to the volunteers riders who are our most valuable asset, there are other industry experts on board who now also offer their time free of charge.  You can learn more about these people here.

Daniel Roe-Lavery - Founder, Trustee


The charity was founded in 2009 by Mr Daniel Roe-Lavery.  For a short period Dan was employed as a Chief Executive Officer by the charity after an 8 year period of being a volunteer; and in mid 2020 he had secured the financial security of the charity to a point where he was able to return the charity back to it's original 100% voluntary status.  Leading now from the side, Dan has passed the charity reigns to Russell Roe, who since accepting his challenge is now responsible for the day to day running of the charity.

“As much as I steer; it is the volunteers who deliver my dream.  Devon Freewheelers is not me, it’s a team effort, and we would not be able to achieve anything without the dedication and support of the volunteers.  More precious than gold, the volunteers in Devon Freewheelers are your true ‘Hidden Hero’s".

Caroline Retter - Blood Bikes Operations Manager


Originally a volunteer Caroline Retter was employed as a Fundraising Manager for a short period and is another member of the former staffing team who continues in her role at no cost to the charity.  Caroline is the first point of contact for every member of public who needs help or assistance with resources or equipment for their event when fundraising for the charity.  Another jewel of the Devon Freewheelers crown; Caroline has grown into the fundraising world amazingly, battling daily challenges in managing our events calendar and so much more.

Caroline’s role regularly changes and can occasionally be found driving an Air Ambulance Blood Car or Duty Controller or stood under a gazebo at an event. “I love my job and I’m happy doing a little extra”

The problem for the rest of us is Caroline’s interpretation of ‘a little’.  She doesn’t know the meaning of the word!  When she’s not fundraising, or applying for grants and funds; in her spare time she’s doing a Degree – on fundraising; with a great big smile on her face.

John Conway - Relationship Manager


John Conway was employed as an Operations Manager and joined the charity in 2015 as a volunteer until he was offered an employed position with the CIO in 2018.  Having worked several managerial positions within the motor trade John started off with managing our fleet.

The six foot giant that’s strong as an ox, has the patience of a saint and the widest set of shoulders known to man is built for the task and regardless of the pressure he can be found with a smile on his face that brings karma and order to any stressful situation.

Even with his full-on job role John was never off duty often topping up his hours voluntarily by being the transplant co-ordinator and first on call for response through the night.  Lovingly referred to as the 'BigDog' by his team mates, John was the third member of the management team that the charity used to employ.  Today, John continues to liaise with our services users as a relationship manager at no cost to the charity.

Russell Roe - Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Russell volunteered for Devon Freewheelers for 9 years as a fundraiser and fleet manager before being appointed to the accounts office.  Russell’s disability unfortunately prohibited his lifelong love of motorcycling and the world of blood biking as his condition regularly left him wheelchair bound.  In 2020 the charity upgraded its bike fleet with the inclusion of a specialist machine known as a 'Can-Am' which allowed Russell along with other disabled riders to join our blood biker team.

Russell was employed part-time as an accounts clerk, updating the book-keeping on a daily basis for our chartered accountants.  The rest of the time he was never far away.  Russell was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in July 2020 so that Dan could step aside and concentrate on other ventures.  Russell has always had the best interests of the charity at heart and has the full support of the volunteers in his new position of authority.