Charity sees the end of employment

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Devon Freewheelers has returned to a position of a 100% voluntary capacity after short employment period comes to an end.  The devon blood bike charity no longer needs to employ its management team.

For a short period of time, Devon Blood Bikes charity Devon Freewheelers has employed a small management team as part of it's development to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2018.  As of July this year (2020) the Chief Executive Officer Daniel Roe-Lavery announced that the security and stability of the organisation, through hard work and concentrated effort, had developed to a point whereby it no longer needed to employ its specialist management team.

"At no point has any voluntary donations ever been lost to pay peoples salaries, that is the first and most important point to make.  We managed to fund salaries through cost recovery work that we secured along the way and I am delighted to announce that as of July 2020, the charity is now in such a secure and stable position, it no longer needs to employ any staff" says Daniel Roe-Lavery.

Russell Roe has recently been appointed as the new Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Charity, so that Dan can step aside and focus his efforts on other ventures, including the new EMS work which is operated outside of the registered charity.  "This is a great place for us to be, our volunteer riders have recently been treated to a brand new bike fleet and there have been some amazing changes thanks to everyone's efforts.  I'd like to thank Dan and the team for getting us into this stable position, in what has most definitely been an unstable world"

Devon Freewheelers is constantly looking for new volunteers, especially riders and fundraisers.  If you would like to find out more please explore the rest of the website. Photographed is our new Can-Am 1300 machine especially for disabled riders or car drivers looking for the bike experience.  Equality, diversity and inclusion for all, wrapped up in our 'Can-Am', the first blood bike charity in the country to operate such a machine.



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