COVID19 closes offices, not the service

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Whilst we all play our part in defeating the worst threat to human health, the Coronavirus (COVID19); Devon Freewheelers are following government and NHS England advice and have closed their Honiton headquarters.  

All necessary working is now being conducted from the safe haven of our homes and normal operations can continue with the exception there will be no face to face engagements with the team.

"In our early days, and in fact in the case of many blood bikes services as they are today, we always worked from home.  I am extremely confident that we can continue to provide a full service and steps have been taken to ensure all our staff have all the facilities they need in the home environment in order for them to continue their roles effectively" says CEO Daniel Roe-Lavery.

Volunteers and staff members can still access the headquarters to collect their vehicles, utilise all of the infection prevention and control measures, cleaning equipment and so on.  'The security systems have been upgraded and access to the building is via the new proximity pad that reads the microchips embedded in the persons ID card.  If any volunteer hasn't been issued one of the new cards then arrangements can be made in other ways to access the building, this is so we can monitor who's entered the building and when, which will allow us to protect their welfare remotely if they are alone.  It also allows us to ensure the workaholics around us do actually stay at home!

On a final note, Devon Freewheelers would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our volunteers and staff who have absolutely stepped up to the plate in assisting our NHS with this terrible crisis.  "The people of Devon don't realise just how much our teams are doing right now, it truly is astonishing.  I cannot express enough thanks to every member of the team"

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