Dartmoor Christmas Trees generous donation to Devon Freewheelers

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Devon Freewheelers has received a very generous donation of £1015 from Dartmoor Christmas Trees, after being chosen as the companies Charity of Choice for 2019. The cheque was Devon Freewheelers representative Trevor Rule by Stuart Kirkup, Director of Dartmoor Christmas Trees and Toby Bowen-Scott, Recreation Manager of Haldon Forest Park.

The money was raised from a percentage of Christmas Trees sold, customer donations and the very popular Dartmoor Christmas Trees, tree collection service in January. Devon Freewheelers was chosen as the Charity of Choice for 2019 after receiving nominations from the companies Facebook supporters.

Devon Freewheelers would like to thank everyone at Dartmoor Christmas Trees and their customers for the fantastic amount raised, your support is very much appreciated.


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