Devon Freewheelers Blood Bike Service enables patient to continue home dialysis

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My husband has End Stage Renal Failure, and requires regular haemodialysis while he awaits transplant. Doing haemodialysis at home (as opposed to 3 times a week fixed sessions in hospital) brings several health benefits, and also allows us to fit dialysis into our lives rather than try and fit our lives around fixed hospital sessions. 

However, my husband still has to submit blood samples (taken at the start or end of a dialysis session) to the hospital for testing on a regular basis. 

This is where the wonderful volunteers at Devon Freewheelers provide an invaluable service; once a month, on an evening or weekend day and time of our choosing, someone comes to our house to collect the blood samples then immediately takes them to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital for testing (prompt testing ensures accurate results). It would be very hard to manage this aspect of home haemodialysis without this service, which is always given with good humour and a smile. 

We are extremely grateful to the Devon Freewheeler volunteers for giving up their own free time to make managing my husband’s illness that bit easier. 

Lesha Farrar 2019

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