Devon Freewheelers Radio now on air!

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The sound of Devon Freewheelers is now broadcasting live, online, on your mobile, and via the app on your smart devices!  Check out the new sound of DFW and download the app from your app store.

DFW Sound is an example of the latest digital broadcasting technology with the launch of their new radio station.  To listen live simply go to your app store and download the app which is available on both iOS and android, listen online and very soon, you'll also be able to listen on your smart devices at home by simply saying 'Play DFW Sound'.

The radio station is completely automated and broadcasts round the clock, with news on the hour, the ability to have presenter shows and music from across the decades to the present day available soon.

Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Roe-Lavery says "DFW Sound is a creation as a result from the first lockdown that we all had to endure as a result of the coronavirus.  Community groups across the region came together to help one another in the local areas, it was totally inspiring, here we are facing one of the most life threatening situations since the last world war and without a moments hesitation, local people pulled together to help their local community"

One of the issues however, with the loss of our free weekly publications like 'View From Honiton' and the 'Honiton News', finding out about that support, or how to get in contact with them wasn't as easy as it could have been.  Honiton is one of the few areas on the Ofcom map that is not currently covered by a radio station, so with that in mind, Daniel set about to fill that void.

'I looked into all the different avenues for broadcasting, from FM, DAB to online streaming.  The most expensive is obviously FM broadcasting but after considering everything you have to ask yourself is FM the future of radio?  I'm not convinced.  Plus, I needed a solution that was going to be low cost, easily achievable, easily accessible and that would have the reach to everyone who wanted to listen.  The answer was digital, internet streaming. When I'm out in the car, I listen to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). 

How do most people do things now? Either online or through their phone.  Even shops on the high street are streaming music because they can't get a decent radio signal to receive local stations, and even then, Honiton doesn't have a 'local' station.  So I chose digital' says Dan.

The additional bonus for the blood bike charity is that although the station is called DFW Sound, promotes the charity and it benefits from the super exposure the platform gives it, it was funded entirely by a separate local business which is also run by Dan.  'There is no financial gain in this project, it's a free service to the community, it was at no cost to the blood bike charity or their public funds, but it promotes their charitable work in the local community, and allows the local community to engage with the local community.  To me - that is a win win.'

With the second lockdown looming, once again the community will be pulling together, but this time, everyone can download the app, listen to the local sounds, local affairs, local news, local travel and find out what is available in their local community.  DFW Sound, broadcasting from the heart of east devon; listened to around the world?  With digital broadcasting there literally is no limit to the reach.

As with everything, 'Rome wasn't built in a day' is a term we use all the time.  The station is still developing but the music is playing, occasionally a presenter goes to air and the local community are getting right behind their new local station.  DFW Sound can be contacted via the app, they have their socials through facebook, twitter, instagram etc and of course by visiting the station, which is in the former tourist information centre building, on the Lace Walk Car Park, off Dowell Street, Honiton.

Please wish them luck! 


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