Honiton has a heart campaign delivers 3 life savers to the town

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Devon Freewheelers CEO Daniel Lavery, Dr Janet Ward formerly of Honiton Surgery, Honiton Youth Football Club Manager Jon Leisk and Cllr Caroline Kolek of Honiton Town Council celebrate success with the Honiton has a Heart Campaign

The front page of the Paper for Honiton leads the story with the title Three more Life-Savers!  Tim Dixon, Editor and Publisher of the paper writes...

They've doneit! The campaign to raise funds for life saving public access defibrillators launched earlier in the summer and led by town councillor Caroline Kolek, Dan Lavery of Devon Freewheelers, (Jon Leisk, manager of the Honiton Town Youth Football Club) and Dr Janet Ward - has succeeded.  

Over £860 was raised at events, with two hampers donated by Tesco being raffled.  Honiton Sea Anglers donated another £100.  But £3,000 from Honiton League of Friends means Honiton will benefit from haing three of the devices in the town alongside the new PAD in New Street outside I'm all about you - See page 7 for the full story.

You can read the full story by buying the paper at the various outlets - a list of which is availabe on their facebook page  

Our congratulations to all involved.

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