Job Stats for Jun 2014

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The total number of jobs that we completed was 206 The graph below shows how the jobs were split across the month by day.

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The calls that we received over the course of the month were predominantly of an Urgent nature, this has a requirement that they are collected within a 4 hour time period, from the time of call.

Job UrgencyUrgency of Jobs carried out in June 2014


Of all of the items that we were asked to carry the majority were Blood Samples or Medication. Blood Samples typically are sent to NDDH, RD&E or Derriford hospitals for analysis. Medications would have been split between inter hospital transfer and to Patient Private Addresses.



We have split up the county into 4 regions, with the East serving the RD&E and the surrounding area's West serving Derriford and the surrounding areas. North cover the NDDH and surrounding area's and South serving primarily the SDKU and Torbay hospitals when they need our services.

As can be seen below the East and West area's had the most number of jobs, we were able to hand over several jobs to Cornwall Freewheelers due to the destination hospital being within Cornwall.

Jobs by RegionJobs by Region

The Chart below shows the collection points across the county.

Collection PointsCollection Points