Lottery launch sees winning tickets already!

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Devon Freewheelers has launched their new lottery game which has already had supporters reporting feedback of winnings.  An exciting new way forward in the realms of fundraising sees charity supporters signing up for the weekly draw which supports local good causes right on their doorstep.

 A new partnership with Lottery organiser SeaMoor Lotto gives all of our supporters a new and exciting way to support the charity while having a flutter on the lottery.  Millions of pounds are spent each week by members of the public on various lottery games with little or no return on the odds of coming up trumps, and then we've got absolutely no idea where our money has gone to help local good causes.

Now, you can buy a Devon Freewheelers Lottery ticket for only £1 a go and see straight away how much is going to local good causes - including us!  We're appealing to everyone who tries their luck on the lotto every week to try something different and sign up to our lottery, we've already had reports of supporters winning in the first few weeks.  Buy your ticket today and please, share this post with all your friends and family; everyone loves a flutter on the lotto and now you know what good causes your helping.  

We would like to express our thanks to SeaMoor Lotto for this exciting opportunity.

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