MP for Honiton & Tiverton sends in a message

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Stalwart supporter of Devon Freewheelers, Neil Parish MP sends a message into the team to express his thanks to the volunteers who are providing free support to the community.

"Vulnerable patients continue to access vital treatments due to the tireless efforts of NHS volunteers.  Devon Freewheelers are providing 24/7 urgent care patient response to East Devon residents.  A shining example of community spirit during these challenging times!"

The blood bikers have been providing a free support service in Partnership with  Honiton Health Matters, delivering all of the medications and repeat prescriptions to isolating families amongst all of the normal routine duties.  'The government has imposed self isolation in order that we can defend those who are most vulnerable and to save our NHS from unprecendented demands, which has left thousands of people worrying about how they can get their medications and medical supplies.  Our volunteers, once again, have totally stepped up to the mark which has allowed us to increase our free services exponentially' says Chief Executive Daniel Roe-Lavery.

Patients who need their medications collected can access this free vital support by telephoning 0300 800 0109 and Devon Freewheelers thanks our member of parliament for his communication.

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