New incorporated structure for charity opens doors to possible funding

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A restructure of the Devon Freewheelers into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation has been accepted by the Charity Commission, and opens doors to a whole new world of funding for the Devon Blood Bikers with a Call to Action to bring back the old to the fold.  A whole new world begins with a recall to the original army of blood bikers.

The Devon Freewheelers charity founded in November 2009 is about to close off it's ninth year of operations with a brand new operating structure following year on year of continuing development.  The Charity Commission has issued a CIO registration 1180264 to Devon Freewheelers and the new structure opens the doors to potential funding and grant applications that it couldn't access before as an 'association'.

Founder Daniel Lavery says "This is fourteen months of graft and we were over the moon when it came through.  We have identified lots of funding opportunities in the past that as a voluntary association we were simply unable to apply for.  Most importantly we can now access core funding as well as other opportunities that will allow us to keep on top of our game and expand even further in how we deliver our objectives of relieving pain distress and suffering.  There are lots of exciting projects on the horizon and our army of hidden heros are about to take part in some amazing roles supporting end of life cancer patients as well as all the other services we already offer"

The charity begins it's tenth year of operations as a newly formed CIO, and as already announced are planning to start off that year of celebration, with a recall of its original volunteers to rejoin the charity at new premises on the Heathpark Industrial Estate.  "We have had hundreds volunteers through our doors over the last nine years, a couple of them are still with us since we began, even before our first charity registration when we were trying to set everything up.  I want to reach out to them and ask them to come back to the fold, there truly is something for everyone here now and I want them to be part of this special year.  We wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for them, everyone who has ever been a 'Devon Freewheeler' has played a part in our success" says Dan.

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