Sainsburys Local Charity Partner

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New Partnership with Sainsburys announced following their selection of Local Charity Partner for 2014 for South Molton and Dartmouth.

Great news, not only have we been selected by Sainsbury’s South Molton, but Sainsbury’s Dartmouth has also chosen us as the Local Charity Partner for 2014. This is going to be our second consecutive year working with the great team in South Molton. We are looking forward to interacting with staff and customers, letting them know what we do, and raising much needed funds for the charity.

We are also looking forward to engaging with the staff and customers of Sainsbury’s Dartmouth as their Local Charity Partner. It is our aim that this year we will be able to combine all monies raised from the two stores to invest in a new bike which will help to see our service continue to grow.

Both stores will be keeping us updated on how efforts are progressing. We have no doubt that the stores, along with ourselves, will have some interesting ideas for fundraising. Our members are certainly ready to join in the fun!

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