Standby Devon- this week could be rough!

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As Storm Ciara lands with dramatic affect today (Sunday 9th February 2020) across Devon & Cornwall, the Met Office warms us ‘the worst is yet to come’

Standby Devon & Cornwall for artic weather and a super fast jet stream of 260mph descends southwards, bringing gale force winds and serious risks on heavy snow fall!

‘The public are warned to brace themselves and Devon has some great resources around us to prepare for the worst.  This is a real threat and we’re taking it very seriously’ say Chief Executive Officer Daniel Roe-Lavery of the Devon Freewheelers.

DFW is well prepared for these conditions with a fleet of 4x4 capable vehicles that are ‘winter ready’ to assist the NHS and the people of Devon.

’We’re ready to respond to everything and anything.  The volunteers take every ounce of this in their stride and we’re very fortunate to have amazing skill sets at our disposal’ say Dan.  

If you feel you or someone you care for needs our services use the contact us page to get in touch

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