Winners of the first ever Emergency Services Award 2018

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Devon Freewheelers delight at winning the Emergency Services category of the Outstanding Care Awards for Devon and Cornwall 2018

This is the first time there has ever been an Emergency Services Award 2018

The Outstanding Care Awards 2018 ceremony held in Torquay this month hosted their annual award ceremony in the presence of hundreds of finalists in the Care Industry.  The Emergency Services Category was wittled down to just four finalists, and included the Devon Blood Bike Charity, Devon Freewheelers.

The Bronze award went to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and the Silver award with to SWAST's Cancer Care Team; but the Gold award for Emergency Services went to Devon Freewheelers.

Daniel Lavery said "it's an outstanding achievement which was dedicated to the efforts of our volunteers at the ceremony.  To receive this above the ambulance service and a cancer care team which in itself by the virtue of its name deserves the award is just overwhelming.  I'm so proud of the efforts of our volunteers who at the end of the day, is what Devon Freewheelers is all about."

The presenter cited two events within Devon Freewheelers that stood out.  One of them was a volunteer responder John Conway, who attended a Cardiac Arrest at the Honiton Leisure Centre Gymnasium.  His immediate response to the scene took him less than 3 minutes, where he resusitated and used a defribrillator on that patient, and saved their life.

The second notice was the efforts in moving patients all over the county during the significant snow fall.  Roads left impassible by the snow left patients in desperate need of dialysis stranded at home and normal NHS transport carriers just couldn't get through.  A call was made to the charity by the NHS and requested assistance under their 'Emergency Protcols', and the drivers stepped up immediately.  36hrs of moving patients and staff made the relief to patient distress and suffering possible - and all of it was done completely free of charge at no cost to the patient or the NHS.

The certificate has been attached to this news piece so volunteers can download it.

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