Corporate Partnerships

Information about partnering with the charity.

Growing our corporate partnerships is very important to the charity. It's an area where we see a huge possibility to grow our fundraising and we're keen to talk to new businesses who would like to get involved. There are many ways in which you can do this too...

For example, we currently work with QuickPrint and Team Financial Services who between them, sponsor our Job Pads. It's a fairly straight forward thing for them to do, but an essential item which our team relies upon. Not only do they cover the cost of this, they also get their logos on the back of the Job Pads... thanks guys!

Why do we need Corporate Partnerships here at Devon Freewheelers? Well, it costs an awful lot to keep our vehicles on the road on a daily basis. Just one of the reasons for that, is that we replace the tyres on our motorcycles every six to eight weeks, for safety purposes. We maintain our bikes to an extremely high standard; we treat them like all of the emergency services treat their vehicles.

It's these kind of known, on-going costs where we can set out that fee clearly to a Corporate Partner and they can then say "OK, we'll pay for that" because it's a fixed cost which they can contribute to on a regular basis.

We need your help in not only replacing the tyres on all of our bikes, but putting fuel in them on a daily basis, servicing them and actually buying a bike in the first place!

We also fully appreciate that our Corporate Partners want to get something back from this, and we're only too happy to help with that side of things. If you'd like a rider and their bike to attend an event for any kind of PR opportunity, we're only too happy to work with you on that basis. You'll also get regular coverage on our social media channels, as we love to talk about the people we work with. 

If you'd like to find out more about working with Devon Freewheelers, please drop an email, in the first instance, to Nick Newby, our Blood Bikes Operations Manager at -