Bideford Bike Show

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Bideford Bike Show announced this week, that Devon Freewheelers EVS had been chosen as one of the charities the Bike Show would be raising money for in 2019. The Bike Show will take place on Saturday 25th of May 2019 on Bideford Quay.

Bideford Bike Show Chairwoman and Founder Lisa Elston said of the decision to support Devon Freewheelers – “ Bideford Bike Show are pleased to be supporting Devon Freewheelers EVS in their 10th anniversary year. The Bideford Bike Show committee had  a few charities to choose from and each member voted for the charity they wished to support.  Devon Freewheelers received the most votes.

Devon Freewheelers Founder Daniel Lavery says "This is fantastic, we're really proud to have received the most votes from their committee members and we very much look forward to working with the event next year."

Bideford Bike Show has raised an incredible £22, 498.26 in the 5 years they have been holding the event, and supported numerous charities in Devon.

Bideford Bike Show is currently looking for sponsors for the 2019 show. If you are interested in helping out this volunteer organisation please contact them via email 

For more details on next years event please click on the following link to their website.

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