Devon Freewheelers activated during Major Incident Response

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Devon Freewheelers received a request from the University Hospitals of Plymouth NHS Trust to assist with a Major Incident Response in the city today.  All available resources were sent into the area from 1230hrs this afternoon and it is expected there may be a heavy workload in the plymouth area this evening.  Two emergency broadcasts went out earlier today via the radio systems and our sincere thanks go to all who have responded already.

So far a total of eight resources have been sent in and all volunteers are asked to be prepared for a long night in the plymouth area. We've been asked to assist with transport and TTA's.  This is the first time DFW has been activated as part of their Emergency Response Protocols and we are delighted to assist in any way we can.  All of the resources have been sent in completely free of charge to assist the NHS.

Can we please check we have riders on all bikes, and if your not on duty and are willing to help out by crewing a spare bike in your area, please contact Caroline in the first instance. 

This situation is very much 'reactive' and can be stood down at any time so your patience is needed and appreciated.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved and we are sure any part we play will make a difference to the master plan.  Further updates will be added to this post throughout the evening so please keep an eye on the members news for full updates.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the volunteers and staff who assisted with this call to action.  Great team effort supporting Derriford hospital and an honour to now be a permanent part  of the major incident protocols for the hospital.  Well done everyone!  This is a true testament to the professionalism displayed across the board.


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