Heart Transplant Family Says Thanks

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Hi Dan,

I Just wanted to drop you a message to say a huge thank you.  The night of xx/xx/xxxx  did in fact turn our lives around.

You arrived at our home to take Chris and myself to Papworth Hospital after he had received his first ever call for a possible heart transplant.  We had not had time to consider all the implications and our minds, for want of better words, were in turmoil.  Your calmness, kindness and amazing driving got us there in record time.  That huge hug and best wishes you offered to me as you left Papworth will remain imprinted in my memory forever.  It was indeed a very long night but am delighted to let you know it was worth every second.  The transplant went ahead on the Saturday and his recovery has been just amazing.

I remember you saying that you often transported organs but rarely the people that they were intended for so I thought you may like to know the outcome of your dedication and the part you played in it along with the rest of your Team.

Regards Linda 

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